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Charles James Organs - Pipe Organ Specialists




Please see below for our latest Testimonials.

  • Continuo Organ

    If you are looking for a continuo organ then look no further. This organ of 3 stops has all the colour and dynamics needed to blend with small orchestra, medium-sized choral group or appropriate repertoire. Comfortable to play and with responsive touch – it is the dream instrument for a period concert.

    Timothy Lees FRCO ARSCM
    Organist St Mary's Church Humberstone, formally The Cathedral Port Elizabeth SA & St James the Greater Leicester

  • Ivan Linford on the Continuo Hire Organ

    Ivan Linford

    The Cjo box organ is a beautiful instrument in every way. Its three stops are nicely voiced and sound well in different combinations. The action is both sensitive and comfortable to play and the whole instrument is finely crafted and compact. An excellent organ for continuo work and to support a small congregation or choir.

    Ivan Linford
    A professional Organist based in Rutland with a wealth of experience in performing both concert recitals and religious services including weddings
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  • St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church - Leicester

    Our parish priest was recommended Iain Harvey as an exceptionally gifted organ tuner by a local Leicester organist who had come to play for a funeral whilst I was at a family funeral elsewhere. It was a recommendation that we have been extremely pleased we followed through, as Charles James Organs has provided a dedicated care of the organ here at St Joseph's since they took on the tuning and maintenance in 2008. The organ had been installed as a new-build in 2001 and, although a magnificent instrument, its position within the building meant that its tuning suffers considerably during the winter months because of the church heating system. The expansive circular design of our church does not allow an economical solution to the heating problem, but Iain, through his determined perseverance, have resolved many of the tuning issues.

    Iain's youthful enthusiasm for the instrument is contagious and his understanding of the organ's place within the liturgy of the Catholic Church is a great asset to me as director of music. He even comes and plays occasionally for mass, providing a very varied and entertaining selection of music at the end of the service - much to the delight for the congregation. With CJO overseeing the tuning and maintenance, we know St Joseph's organ is in very safe and reliable hands and I would most certainly recommend the firm - and have done on many occasions!

    Alison Kennedy
    Director of Music
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  • St Mary's PC Humberstone - Leicester

    Iain Harvey is the founder/director of Charles James Organs. In this capacity he has been known to me for over 10 years.

    During this period, I have had the pleasure of witnessing the transformation he has made to several organs in my charge both on the technical and tonal sides.

    Recently, he has made tonal adjustments to a fine Walker Organ of 1929 enhancing its already outstanding qualities by revoicing a Trumpet stop (added in 2000) to sound as an effective solo Trumpet and as a chorus reed. Swell mutations have been revoiced to give clarity and definition to ranks which for 85 years were not utilised to their environment.

    In 2005, a 4 manual organ which had been unattended for nearly 15 years, was painstakingly restored to equal its original condition and tonally upgraded in a number of departments, and is now one the organ glories of its area.

    Iain Harvey’s work is a tribute to a younger generation of organ craftsmen, and I can commend his work without reservation.

    Tim Lees FRCO, ARSCM
    Organist of St Mary Humberstone (Formerly Organist to His Majesty, the Sultan of Oman)

  • Ian Tracey on St Paul's Church - Bedford

    Prof. Ian Tracey

    I am delighted to be asked to commend to you the re-build of the Bedford organ, which it was my privilege to open, in 2011. Charles James Organs had made a most thorough job of the restoration and expansion of this fine historic instrument, extending both its capabilities, its playing aids and thus enabling it to tackle music of all periods and styles.

    The console was most comfortable and ergonomically correct (something which is crucial to the organist, at this most personal of interfaces with the instrument, but not something which many organ builders consider to be crucial!..).

    I found the tonal finishing of the organ to be first class with excellent fusion of the recent registers with the existing pipework; most noticeably with the solo reed. The Tutti was a thrilling 'cathedral-like' sound and there was plenty of individuality in the colours and solo registers.

    Altogether a most successful re-build and something for all in St. Pauls and in Charles James Organs to be proud of for years to come.

    Prof. Ian Tracey
    Organist to the City of Liverpool. Organist Titulaire - Liverpool Cathedral.
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