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Franck Range

A product of Charles James Organs (UK) Ltd protected by copyright and may not be copied in any form which includes case and tonal design, specification and description.

Continuo Hire

Please contact our office for full terms and conditions of the continuo hire organ.

Tuning and maintenance

Please contact our office for full terms and conditions.

Environmental Policy

Charles James Organs (UK) Ltd promotes the importance of correct workplace practises in protecting the environment both nationally and internationally, We are committed to continually reducing the environmental impact on the World and show a commitment to retaining a strong Environmental Management System at all times.

Our commitment to the World around us is exemplified in training if employees and sourcing contractors and suppliers who have a sound environmental working practices.

Through our environmentally friendly workshops, office and vehicles we endeavour to minimise waste and pollution which also provides customers with an every day low cost. All policies will be reviewed and changes/additions implemented throughout the firm.


Enquiries for estimates of work will incur a charge for time and mileage.

Church of England
Methodist Church
For Sale
Practice Organ
Practice Organ

Practice Organ Compass of manuals, CC to A, 58 notes Compass of pedals, CCC to F, 30 notes RCO Both manuals unenclosed. Man I Gedeckt 8' or Chimney Flute 8' Octave 4'...

POA Please contact us.

No one should be allowed to make music as if he were made of wood. One must reproduce the musical text exactly, but not play like a stone.

- Olivier Messiaen
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