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The Free Church, St Ives, Cambridgeshire

The Free Church, St Ives, Cambridgeshire
2 manuals and pedals, 24 stops, G.M. Holdich 1873/A. Monk 1902/ Hill, Norman & Beard 1921,

The organ was installed in commemoration of the organist, Samual Dore Ulph

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The Holdich organ was installed in commemoration of the organist, Samual Dore Ulph who had been organist at the free church and the old church before that for thirty years. In 1902 the firm Alfred Monk of London carried out some restoration work and altered the actions to pneumatic. Wm. Hill & Sons, Norman and Beard of Norwich undertook a restoration in 1921 including enlargements. When the church was reordered and reconstructed, in 1980, the organ was moved up to the west gallery the Victorian casework, console and framework was used from the church of St Margaret, Lothbury in London. Numerous tonal changes were made at this time and the actions electrified to electro-pneumatic. The organ has been in the care of Charles James Organs since 2008.

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