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Charles James Organs (UK) Ltd - Pipe Organ Specialists
Charles James Organs - Pipe Organ Specialists



Portable Continuo Organ

Portable Continuo Organ
One manual, 3 stops, Charles James Organs 2014

Built in 2014 for hire this small instrument is designed to accompany choirs and support Baroque orchestras.

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Built in 2014 for hire this small instrument is designed to play alongside choirs and Baroque orchestras.

The tonal design is based on a wooden stopped flute 8' voiced with character. The Open Flöte 4' constructed from wood is stopped from bottom C to tenor B then open from Middle C to the top allowing for solo possibilities against the bass as well as building the chorus when added to the 8'. The metal Octave 2' is typical of CJO scales adding controlled brightness to the complete chorus whilst still being useful as 8' and 2'.

Compass of the manual, CC to G, 56 notes

Gedeckt 8' Stopped Wood
Open Flöte 4' Stopped C1-B24/Open C25-56 Wood
Octave 2' Metal


Church of England
Methodist Church
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