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St Paul's Parish Church, Bedford

St Paul
St Paul's Parish Church, Bedford
3 manuals and pedals, 56 stops, Norman & Beard 1900/Charles James Organs 2010

Originally built by Norman & Beard and increased in size throughout its history, this instrument was completely rebuilt.

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Charles James Organs was given the responsibility for maintaining this rather failing three manual instrument in 2007. After various rebuilds, which had removed it from its Norman & Beard roots, the organ was left without any real identity, finding it difficult to fulfil its most important role of accompanying its choir and congregation.

Along with the important work carried out to the winding during 2008, the design work was started in July 2009 and the old instrument removed during the following months. Manufacture of the new Great, Swell and Pedal soundboards, along with the console parts, was started in 2010 and installed ready for Advent Sunday. The original pipework has been cleaned, repaired and re-voiced to provide a clear, concise and fresh voice. The Choir organ including the new Tuba was manufactured in early 2011 and installed ready for Easter Sunday that year so providing an instrument of good quality and reliability which will serve the musical tradition and community of St Paul's well into the future.

The rebuilt instrument includes the original pipework and utilises the best of the 1980's pipework complemented with new Mixtures and a solo Tuba. The console has been refurbished including the provision of new keyboards, stop heads and jambs.

The completed instrument is the same size as the original Norman & Beard instrument installed in 1900 with 44 speaking stops. It has been primarily constructed and balanced for subtle accompaniment of the choir as well as having the ability to provide enough weight to support the singing of a large congregation, and the versatile stop list though Romantic has the ability to tackle all schools of the organ repertoire.

Although the Norman & Beard pipework has been used as the basis of this instrument's voice, the work was not treated as a restoration but more of a new organ with its heart remaining in 1900. With a restored musical identity, the instrument is capable of the demands of today and those it will be put under in this thriving city centre civic church. The retained 1985 tonal additions have been completely re-voiced to integrate with the original, and three new replacement Mixtures and a Tuba, made by Shires Organ Pipes Ltd, have been added to the specification.

The organ was opened by Professor Ian Tracey, Organist Titulaire of Liverpool Cathedral, on 22nd October 2011.

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