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St Margaret's Parish Church, Leicester

St Margaret
4 manuals and pedals, 78 stops, Nicholson 1954/Charles James Organs 2005-

One of the largest of the remaining four medieval churches in the city of Leicester and the organ, originally built by Taylor, is an instrument of splendour.

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In 2005, after the appointment of a new organist to the church, it was decided that the pipe organ should be brought back into service after a period of ten years silence. Charles James Organs were invited to take on this challenge. The initial work concentrated on removing cyphers and achieving reliability of the actions in general. Since 2005 a gradual process of renewal and repair work has continued, including improving the regulation and tonal structure of the Great and Choir organs. The console has been overhauled, including new solenoids.

In 2007 collapsed tubing was replaced on the Swell action, which presented the opportunity to clean the Swell chamber and attend to the poor pipe regulation. The Choir organ was cleaned in 2009 including the Solo Tuba, with repairs and re-voicing carried out to improve the tonal egress, and the water-damaged Tremulant restored. In 2014 cleaning of the Great and Solo sections was carried out and the pipework received re voicing and regulation. One of the main deficiencies of the 1950's rebuild was the tonal scheme which was not completed and sixty years later we have realised the concept. The organ, though still in its 1954 state, provides accompaniment to weekly services and is used as a recital instrument on a regular basis. We are very pleased to have the organ in our care and to have been able to bring this monument back into full-time service as one of the most interesting and stunning instruments in Leicester.

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Practice Organ
Practice Organ

Practice Organ Compass of manuals, CC to A, 58 notes Compass of pedals, CCC to F, 30 notes RCO Both manuals unenclosed. Man I Gedeckt 8' or Chimney Flute 8' Octave 4'...

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