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Our Lady Immaculate and St Etheldreda Roman Catholic Church - Newmarket

Our Lady Immaculate and St Etheldreda Roman Catholic Church - Newmarket
2 manual and pedals, 11 stops, T.C. Lewis & Co. 1874/Charles James Organs 2016 tonal revisions and new great soundboard

A truly remarkable organ positioned at the west end of this fine church and capable of leading a 400 strong congregation. In its gallery position it is able to project and luxuriate in the church's acoustics.

All pipework has been revoiced to promote musicality and the tonal changes have ensured that versatility can be achieved effectively, despite the modest size of the instrument. Many colours are now available and all of the stops provide in their own right as well as in chorus.

The tonal work has been carried out to realise the best of the Lewis pipework as well as augment with new. The Great chorus has had a new Principal and Fifteenth voiced to add brilliance and singing quality. New Stopped Diapason 8' and Spitz Flute have been included. A new Twelfth 2 2/3' has completed the flute chorus and able of providing beauty in combinations as well as alone. The original large Diapason, along with the two flutes, have been restored to Lewis' original intentions. The addition of a Tremulant has further increased the versatility of the instrument.

The modest specification has been made more versatile with further alterations, the Swell Gamba Angelica works with the Open Diapason as a Grand Celeste which can be controlled by the box. The Gamba is also useful in the tenor as a psuedo Orchestral Cello.

The recent improvements have been designed to ensure that the organ can provide the player with as many possibilities to ensure good accompaniment and be useful to the repertoire.

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Open Diapason 8 +
Stopped Diapason 8 *
Principal 4 *
Spitz Flute 4 *
Twelfth 2 2/3 *
Fifteenth 2 *

Open Diapason 8 +
Gamba Celeste 8 +
Principal 4 +
Trumpet 8 +

Bourdon 16

Tremulant acting over entire organ.

Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Swell to Great

*New 2016
+Revoiced 2016

Church of England
Methodist Church
For Sale
Practice Organ
Practice Organ

Practice Organ Compass of manuals, CC to A, 58 notes Compass of pedals, CCC to F, 30 notes RCO Both manuals unenclosed. Man I Gedeckt 8' or Chimney Flute 8' Octave 4'...

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- T.S. Lewis
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