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Charles James Organs (UK) Ltd - Pipe Organ Specialists
Charles James Organs - Pipe Organ Specialists



Organ Voicing

The voicing of an organ is the key aspect, turning the machine into the musical instrument. The voicer, to create a musical instrument not only requires the knowledge and understanding of dealing with the pipework, but also, for exceptional results, musicianship and an understanding of the repertoire for which the organ is to be used.

Charles James Organs are equipped with these attributes and are pleased to offer advice and supply voicing to the craft and private clients, going further to support British organ building and music.

We are competent in all styles of voicing and re-voicing, both to match existing or to voice new pipework inline with customer’s individual requirements.

A wealth of experience has been attained from around the globe, spanning the Baroque, Classical and Romantic styles of voicing in both fluework and reeds – including any size of pipe: from a large 32’ Open Wood or Trombone, to the smallest pipes of the organ, enabling us to provide a unique bespoke service.

Artisanship is deployed to ensure that individual voices are integral when alone, yet in addition blend seamlessly together to form the musical instrument that is the organ.

Each voice of a choir is unique but is required to blend with others of similar and different pitch likewise orchestral instruments are grouped into families of similar tonal quality with differing pitches, but all mass together with outstanding cohesion; the organ is no different.

We set out on all projects with a keen musical ear to create a tonal balance capable of growing seamlessly from the softest stops through to the full organ. This ability to manage volume increases and decreases is essential in the art of improvisation and the choral tradition.

In addition to advising and voicing we will support you further with the tonal finishing and fine tuning of an instrument to ensure outstanding results are attained.


You treat the air as a canvas and the paint is the chords that come through your fingers, out of the keyboard.

- Pharrell Williams
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