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Charles James Organs (UK) Ltd - Pipe Organ Specialists
Charles James Organs - Pipe Organ Specialists



About Us

Charles James Organs was founded in 2004 by Iain Harvey FISOB and is a traditional organ building, tuning and maintenance company, providing an all round organ building service throughout the United Kingdom and Éire.

Based in the National Forest at the heart of Rural England where our facilities include design, solid-state wiring, voicing of fluework and reeds and all facilities to ensure a quality instrument whether new, rebuilt or restored to the highest standards. In work of a larger nature we employ the skills of specialist supply companies to enable us to provide clients with the best available in the organ-building tradition of Great Britain and beyond. Each organ, receives the attention necessary to create mechanical perfection, cohesion and balance of tone.

Digital organ companies are attempting to dominate the market with desirable prices but Charles James Organs is able to offer instruments and restoration work competitively and without hard selling. We work with each individual client to help keep the pipe organ in situ. Amplifiers and speakers of a digital instrument can never match the tonal quality of a pipe organ. Each pipe of an organ is its own individual speaker working in harmony with the building to produce a musical sound, and will never be outdated. It is within the obvious quality, of an acoustic organ, that the detail is found and confidence in its longevity.

The hallmark of Charles James Organs is a dedication to every detail and keeping in the forefront the essence of the musical needs of a church, civic building or private residence.


Iain Harvey FISOB - Proprietor

Iain Harvey FISOB

Iain comes from a generation of musicians and instrument makers. As a chorister from an early age, in the Anglican choral tradition and accompanying acts of worship for most Christian denominations, Iain is an accomplished organist in both traditional and secular styles. He is thus well aware of the needs of the different faiths and of those of town halls and theatres, each with their own distinct musical styles, which Iain promotes in his own playing. He is tirelessly dedicated to promoting the organ as a musical instrument in the world today through all genres of music. Iain is a freelance organist and regularly gives recitals, he also has a keen interest in the Baroque period and augmenting his wealth of knowledge on the tonal history of the organ. His wealth of expertise and experience, both as organist and technician, equips him to advise customers and oversee all aspects of Charles James Organs.

Box Organ - Continuo Hire Organ

Box Organ

Newly built in 2014 and available for hire. The small dimensions of the organ allow it to be transported with ease in our van and to be positioned unobtrusively on stage or in a church with any size of orchestra or choir. The instrument is available for Concerts, Weddings, Funerals and services of a religious and non religious nature.

Church of England
Methodist Church
For Sale
The Franck Plein Jeu
The Franck Plein Jeu

The Plein Jeu tracker organ is part of The New Franck Organ Range that we launched for sale in 2014. Mechanical tracker action over two manuals and pedals with seven speaking ...

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It is music which gives us strength, hope, courage, support, laughter and friendship, often when it is most needed.

- Nicky Clarke, Co-founder of The Military Wives Choirs Foundation
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